This playlist contains a small selection of audio recordings made during assignment work in Bhutan, India, Mongolia and beyond. Ambient audio often provides another perspective, an insight into the prevailing mood in a location and I hope you will enjoy hearing some of the sounds I've captured during assignments.

The playlist includes the Call to Prayer at the Nizamuddin mosque in Delhi and the song of Bhutanese girls near the Tiger's Nest monastery as well as music from Bhutanese festivals.

People often like to sing as they work and you'll also find the songs of Bhutanese candlemakers and weavers together with the meditative chant of monks in Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal.

A group of giggling schoolgirls who paused to chat on their way home from school in the Ura valley provides an enchanting audio memory and the melancholic farewell song of Mongolian nomads, captured on an icy assignment on the Mongolian steppe is a reminder of the intimacy and warmth of time spent with a Mongolian family.

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