The Photographer's Workflow is a 130-page, 10-step guide to establishing a reliable and consistent digital photography workflow using Adobe Lightroom, suitable for Lightroom versions 4, 5, 6 or Lightroom Creative Cloud.

Chapters include: Data Management and Data Risk AnalysisWorking in the FieldColour CalibrationNaming files and FoldersConfiguring Adobe LightroomImporting ImagesImage Processing and more.

  • 65 Lightroom Development Presets to help give your processing a more consistent linear structure.
  • A series of Lightroom Smart Collections which build a step-by-step workflow for managing digital photographs.
  • Links to a series of free, online video tutorials.

The Photographer's Workflow is priced at $30 and includes the e-book, all Lightroom presets and access to the video tutorials.


I have compiled the Photographer's Workflow in response to questions asked by many students and fellow photographers.

Whilst we enjoy the benefits of digital capture, knowing how to manage our digital photograph archive can be confusing and there's no clearly defined way to deal with all those images. Using the tools built into Lightroom, I have created a linear workflow, which takes my images from the camera to their final destination in a consistent, predictable fashion.

Chapter 1 in the eBook looks at how we manage those precious files and suggests ways of safeguarding our images. The first five chapters will help you to create a robust digital workflow that's appropriate for you. In Chapters 6-8 we look at implementing a simple workflow, using Lightroom Smart Collections to build a straightforward path which our images can follow. We explore metadata, captions, keywords and image tagging with Lightroom's flags, ratings and labels. In Chapter 9 we look at processing and explore ways of bringing the best out of our digital files.

The Photographer's Workflow is my workflow. It's the system I use every day to manage my digital photographs and I've shared the structure, principles, presets and the best of the knowledge that I have acquired over ten years as a professional photographer. The contents of this eBook will give you a comprehensive guide, with lots of tips and realistic advice, from which you can build a process which suits you. It will reduce the amount of time you have to spend managing your digital photos, leaving you with more time to do what's really important - taking photos.

The Photographer's Post-Production continues and compliments the popular Photographer's Workflow e-book, which offers a practical guide to workflow management.

The two packages together provide a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to managing digital images using Adobe Lightroom, from importing to data management, processing and exporting.

Together, they will provide you with a complete image workflow system and are available for just $99.

Vol I: The Photographer's Workflow

E-book, Workflow system, presets and videos.

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  • Image cataloguing and archiving
  • Back-ups and data management
  • Development presets
  • Unique workflow management system
  • Video tutorials

Vol II: Photographer's Post-Production

Video tutorials, RAW files, e-book and catalogue.

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  • 20 Video tutorials
  • 15 RAW files for real-world examples
  • Learn how development tools work together
  • Step-by-step guide to image processing
  • E-book and Lightroom Catalog included
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Feedback on the Photographer's Workflow and Photographer's Post-Production

"I just wanted to let you know how awesome your Lightroom training videos are!  Your videos were exactly what I needed to progress in my editing. I finished watching your videos yesterday and I am blown away, and SUPER excited to see what I can do.  I'd been so frustrated with my images, and I didn't realize what a difference in good editing makes."
- Malinda Kavetschanky

"They are wonderful.  The best value for money!!!  The best explanation I have found."
Florance Robinson

"I bought your Lightroom video course this week - and am so so impressed. The videos are so clear, and I've already learned a ton of stuff , e.g. camera colour profiles for example. I'm in the position of having to switch my Aperture library to Lightroom... but with your course, I will feel much more confident with Lightroom once I do that."
- Christine McNab

"Just a quick note to let you know I “finished” your PPP course last weekend and found it THE MOST HELPFUL series yet. I really enjoyed watching the short video tutorials and then trying the techniques on the very same images. Solidified many things for me in LR."
Liz Myers

"The clearest description I have read about using Lightroom."
Robert Dingwall

"We haven’t found anything as comprehensive or actionable as The Photographer's Workflow."
Photoshelter Blog

"You probably saved my marriage with this one. My husband and I disagree on how to process photos on almost a daily basis."
Katie Billings

"I think it really is a must read for any photographer" (Karin de Winter)

"This should be an essential addition to your library."
Craig Ferguson

Gavin - the information you are willing to share is truly going to help many photographers."
- Conrad Olivier

"If I could use one word to describe the book, it would be “brilliant”. It is very well-thought out, clearly written and carefully organized."
Sabrina Henry

"Of all the books I have read, and there have been many, none were as well made and designed."
Marc-André Pauzé

"If you are a Lightroom user, and you only buy one photography book this year, I strongly recommend that you make it this one."
Ian Mylam

"Great points for the pro and priceless for the novice."
Jay Goodrich

"You have not only provided a map, you have given me the "keys to the castle."
Julie Kim